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Carolyn's Coop

The Garden Shop at Stoney's Produce

When was the last time you stepped into (if ever) a real authentic chicken coop? When you visit Stoney's Produce you don't want to miss entering Carolyn's Coop, No, it isn't full of chickens although years ago (approximately 80 years ago),  it was authentic housing for chickens. Today you will find it smelling of lavender and full of garden inspiration.

Carolyn's Coop

Gifts for the garden and the gardener fill up this delightful (newly renovated in 2007) building. You'll find unique containers to plant in, baskets to plop a pretty little plant in for gift giving, beautiful glass cloches, tools for the trade, such as snips and garden scissors and plant rooters.  A full line of natural lavender bath products, along with wonderful hand made goat milk soap and lavender bud by the scoop or in a sachet bag is available. Garden art sits here and there, while wind chimes and hummingbird feeders hang off a tree. Small bird feeders for the feeding of tiny feathered friends hang from the ceiling. You might find an angel sleeping or another piece of statuary that pleases or peaks your interest to add to your garden space.  

New items arrive often making Carolyn's Coop ever changing in its look so we hope you will come by often, peak inside and enjoy.. Purchasing your item as a gift for someone special?  Gift wrapping is also available by Carolyn, (on most items unless too large to fit our supply of gift wrapping materials).

Just outside the coop door you will want to walk "the nook", a small fenced area that also holds great items and ideas for the garden and the gardener

coop outside

And, in front of the coop where the fragrant HERBS display abounds, is a courtyard that overflows with gorgeous planters as well as unique planters. You might find a vintage colander overflowing with strawberry plants, or a wash tub planted with herbs, or maybe an old barrel hosting pretty plants of the season.

As the seasons change so does the look of Carolyn's Coop, the nook and the courtyard. Be sure to visit us spring, summer, fall, and winter.

To read about how it all began, a thought turned into reality, and to follow the process of the renovation please click here.