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Brownie and Friends

 Meet Our Babies

Children always enjoy the animals on the farm. They are able to feed them, and enjoy watching the goats climb the wooden playground.  Our animals are friendly and sociable creatures enjoying the company of visitors (translate as "anyone who will feed us some of that treat from the little red machine). 
Please bring the kids by often to say Hi to them and to watch them as they grow up, from babies, to teenagers to adults..
On May 3rd 2009, Owners Lynn and Billy Hudgins bring  home "The New Kids on the Block."
We all wait patiently for them to get back.

First off were the little ones, able to be carried to their new pen as they are pygmy goats. They won't get much bigger than they are now.

(Click on image to enlarge)
Lynn carries Harper
Harper makes herself at home quickly, and climbs right up to a small platform to eat!
Is she adorable or what?
Maddie is next off the truck, and she too is hungry and eats.
Notice her tuffs under her chin.
The "twins" stand side by side. Maddie a little more camera shy than Hampton as both wait for Licorice and Gypsy to Join them
Off the truck just fine, Billy holds Gypsy by her leash, and Lynn has Licorice, two black sheep. But, neither agree to go anywhere just yet!
"I'm not stepping up that curb. Nope I won't do it!"
Walked to the entrance down the street, where there is no curb. Lynn stops them to check Gypsy's leash.
All is well until Licorice deicdes to plant her feet firmly and not bend her knees to walk.
Bobby, walks backwards ahead of them, enticing her along with his hand full of feed.
entering pen
Ok finally, they are at the pen and entering the gate willingly, Licorice running ahead of Gypsy.
maddie and hampton
Maddie and Hampton look on, welcoming them when they come in.
Licorice is pleased when she eyes these weeds to munch on.
sleeping quarters
as the day draws to an end, Gypsy checks out sleeping quarters and decides it's just fine for the 4 of them.
rest time
Hampton and Maddie rest on the lowest platform thinking (we hope) that this is good place and we will be loved.

We welcome them to our Stoney's Family and hope you will too.
And look who arrived just a few days later...Miss Merriweather!
Only ten days old when she came to us, and her story soon to be here. Please come back to see pictures and read about this little one we are blessed to parent and nurture. She's gone to school with Lynn during the day, had a visit to the salon with Lynn and had her nail hooves french manicured, gets bottle fed as needed and is held AND LOVED more than any baby possibly should be BUT she sure is special

miss merriweather

Do you just love that little pink nose? Ahhh she is so loving and so dependant and just so sweet.