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Pretty Plants

From spring through fall the flower lot at Stoney's Produce is heavily laden with beautiful quality plants to fit any gardeners style. From annuals to perennials, tropicalshanging baskets, vegetable plants, and an extensive line of herbs (to include a full variety of delightful true scented geraniums), as well as some woodies, beauty abounds everywhere you look..
If you don't find what you are looking for please inquire and we will do our best to get it for you.  "The Flower Lady" aka Carolyn, is there to answer questions you might have and to try and help you in any way she can..
We encourage gardeners to GROW naturally, not only their plants but into their own as they enjoy the "Joy of Gardening."
Free handouts are available on Butterfly Gardening, The Joy of Growing Herbs, Savoring Scented Geraniums, and Thinking Outside the Pot.. Stop by, pick up our informational handouts in Carolyn's Coop, and enjoy an afternoon of pleasure reading while sitting in your garden.
For a closer look of what Stoney's has to offer in the way of Pretty Plants to make your summer full and lush with beauty use links on sidebar