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If you are one of our our treasured customers and have time to kindly write us a testimonial that we may post to this page, we'd sure appreciate your words. If you've never been but have enjoyed visiting our site we also would like to hear from you. Perhaps over the years you've followed Carolyn's blog and read and viewed Stoney's through her eyes at If so, we'd welcome your comments to be posted too our testimonial page. .

To do so simply click here and the email will go to our webmaster (Arnie, who is our flower lady's husband) to be posted to our testimonial page.

We would appreciate hearing from you and we thank you friends.

I recently moved to the area and had not stopped at Stoney’s Produce until the other day during my lunch.  I was so amazed at the verity of gourds, pansies and mums.  This is not your typical “produce stand”.  The seasonal decorations, the novelty items and canings all made it a pleasant shopping experience.  I given a colorful card and was asked to go to the new web site to receive a coupon, I did.   I will return with my daughter to redeem it so that she can get into the fall season at Stoney’s.  A little country at the Beach!...Kathleen Gardner