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 Tribute To Brownie and Friends

This winter,  after many years of living the "city" life, it was decided to give our animals a chance to go back to the "country life" and the opportunity to have babies of their own. They returned to the big country farm that they came from to us as babies, where they can frolic in larger open fields, stay friends as they had become,and grow old together. We can visit them, and it was a hard decision to make, being even harder the day we said goodbye when they left us.. It was however the best for the animals.
We still love you, and miss you, but its good to know you are happy and content.  For all the love you have given us and the children who came to see you so often, we say thank you and keep you tucked tightly "Forever In Our Hearts


Not facing the camera Tipsy, always more interested in grazing than having her picture taken, or just camera shy.
Sweet Rosie

Until we visit  you again, we're sending you lots of XOXOOXOOXOXO's